Month: March 2009

More on the Manx Basso

You should be able to click on the newspapers to get them to open in a separate window which will make them easier to read.

Remember the Chinese photographer?

From the blog in January:Mr Guan Xing started taking photographs in 1994. He particularly enjoys photographing everyday city scenes and stage performances. During 1997, 1998 and 1999 he was nominated ‘Best Photographer of the Year’ by ‘China Photographer’. The photographs

Oops – not a league table we want to top.

Seems we are number one in the teen binge drinking league. The news is based on a report of a Europe-wide survey on alcohol and drug use by teenagers. Denmark and the Isle of Man led the 35 nations surveyed.


Signing of 12th TIEA with OECD countries places the Isle of Man at the forefront of tax co-operation The Isle of Man signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) with France on March 26th. The agreement between the two governments

A letter from Myrra Johnson

My Dad was known as “The Manx Basso” (bass-baritone soloist) in those days and did much professional work around the Chicago area in the 1920’s-1960’s. He won a radio contest sponsored by WGN in the early 1930’s as the best

King Magnus Haraldson.

King Magnus Haraldson.King of Man and the Isles. Died: circa. 977 AD. The use of the name Magnus Haraldson may cause confusion as it is not used by any of the historians who have recorded the events to which we

The Parliamentary Flag

The Blue flag with the representation of a Viking warship was adopted only relatively recently in the history of Tynwald. The design of the ancient arms of the Kings of Man depicted a ship with sails furled. This heraldic device

Manx visitors to Washington

MLC member, Alex Downie (left) and senior civil servant, Tim Craine are in Washington this week attending the Satellite 2009 conference and exhibition. As loyal readers of this blog will know, the IoM is a major player in the satellite

SNAFU over railways

Trams and rail to be cut back this year as tourism bosses struggle to balance the books. The Steam Railway and Manx Electric Railway will be running again from Monday April 6, with the Snaefell Mountain Railway operating from the

New family complex planned by Sefton Group

Scheduled for opening in 2011 there will finally be a replacement for the eyesore at Derby Castle if the Sefton Group get their way. IomTodayTourism Minister Martyn Quayle said the development could include multiplex cinemas, ten-pin bowling, exhibition areas which