Month: March 2009

Cav wins

Milan-San Remo race– Mark Cavendish won it’s everywhere the British papers, ESPN, everywhere. Milan-Sanremo or Milan-San Remo, la classica di Primavera (“the Spring classic”), is an annual cycle race between Milan and Sanremo. It is the longest professional one-day race

Who wants to be a millionaire?

treasury Minister, Allan Bell here with a fistful of pounds. Just some of the £56 million in circulation on the Island. That’s £10 million up on last year and therefore an extra 10m quid load to the government. But what

Who is our patron saint?

Sue Woolley’s fascinating article in the paper yesterday made a compelling case for St. Patrick being the patron saint of the Isle of Man seeing as how he’s credited with banning snakes and bringing Christianity to the IOM where it

Abu Dhabi Yacht Show and the IOM Super Yacht Registry

Abu Dhabi is obviously the place to be. Not just me, but the IOM Shipping Register representatives, including The Hon David Cretney, MHK, Minister for Trade and Industry at the invitation-only Abu Dhabi Yacht Show. The Isle of Man Ship

Can someone help?

Kelly, My name is Jeff Curtiss. I’m an heirloom seed saver/grower in Shelbyville, IN and a member of Seed Savers Exchange. I just finished reading a couple articles on the Manx Marvel tomato, including in your Washington D.C. newsletter. Could

A talk by our old friend John Quirk on the Manx giant, Arthur Caley, made me think that you would like to know more about this 7′ 11″ man from Sulby. John will have a book out on him in

Go Zoe

News from the BBC. Zoe Gillings has reached the quarter-finals of the penultimate FIS World Cup event in La Molina, Spain. Now sixth in the World, a good performance in the next round could move her up into the top

Indian terrorist threat in Isle of Man

Well it’s not often we mention an Indian paper (although not unheard of) but this article in the Organiser out of New Delhi, refers to another Isle of Man, this time in the Andaman Sea. The Indian government is worried

A Fine Cauldron of Fish

Hmm, tagged as a coffee time romance with humor, I quote from its blog:“A Fine Cauldron of Fish” It’s a funny, fast read about a leanan sidhe. On the Isle of Man you can find the vampiric spirits known as

Royal Navy visits Douglas

HMS Walney, hot from clearing mines in the Arabian Gulf (where this is being typed!) is in Douglas to promote the activities of the Royal Navy. It is one of two navy vessels in Manx waters. The other is fast