Year: 2012

Birthing season for Manx seals.

This playful young grey seal was pictured with a flipper raised in the air as it lay on rocks on the Isle of Man. The shores of the island are set to become swamped with the seals over the coming

Look at this, Manx dancing in New England!

Isle of Man Stamps – The Centenary of the Royal Flying Corps

Those magnificent men in their flying machines The Isle of Man Post Office has celebrated the Centenary of the Royal Flying Corps by issuing a set of six stamps to commemorate their formation. Formed by Royal Warrant in 1912, the

Abbyr shen reesht — Say that again.

Ta mee gynsaghey Gaelg. (I am learning Manx.)  For the Manx speakers on the island, there’s a week dedicated to getting together and chatting in Manx. Here’s their ambitious — and fun — week ahead. Claare y Chooish 2012  –

Department supports new partnership to promote extreme sports

THE Department of Economic Development is supporting two local companies which have formed a partnership to help develop extreme sports participation in the Isle of Man. The initiative, which is designed to generate additional visitors to the Isle of Man

Nepali Fundraiser Whets the Appetite of Diners at St James Church

The Friends of St James Church in Dalby work hard to raise funds for charity, but with an autumnal chill  in the air and a chance to taste the food of Nepal this proved, for some, irresistible. Sold out before

Official Press Release

Media Release President of Tynwald welcomes NAMA vice-president The President of Tynwald, the Hon Clare Christian MLC, welcomed the vice-president of the North American Manx Association (NAMA) Mrs Kelly McCarthy to the Legislative Buildings on Thursday September 20th 2012. The

Celebrating the Legacy of Mona Douglas in Music and Song

It’s now twenty five years since the death of Mona Douglas, but her memory lives on with the resurgence of interest in Manx culture which was greatly influenced by the determination and enthusiasm of this forthright individual. In response to

Message from Lily

I hope that autumn is off to a great start for everyone!   The wheels on my harp case are (miraculously!) still at the moment after a great few weeks in Finland and Eastern Europe.  I had a wonderful time working

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