Month: February 2013

Manx Performers Head for The Celtic Festival of Wales

Photo: Courtesy of Phil Kneen  St David’s Day is a time of celebration for many Welsh people both at home and abroad, but in the seaside resort of Porthcawl it also signals the beginning of Cwlwm Celtaidd – The Celtic

Box Designed by Archibald Knox Takes the Biscuit

During a recent auction at Reeman Dansie of Colchester, a decorative biscuit box designed by the internationally famous Manx designer Archibald Knox was sold for £26,000 to a private collector in the UK. This attractive Cymric silver, enamel and blister

Anyone know where this is? It's labelled Euclid Park 1949

We left its shores and brought with us its values

WILLIAM WATTERSON Died December 22nd 1912. A cable message was received on Tuesday stating that Mr William Watterson, of Bishop, California, had died on Dec. 22nd. Mr Watterson was the eldest son of the late Mr Mark Watterson, of Knockaloe,

Manx Music University Roadshow

As Manx music continues to reach out to a wider audience, ‘trad power trio’ Barrule recently took the Island’s traditional music on a tour of UK universities and colleges which offer traditional music tuition. This revolutionary musical journey was organised

Isle of Man Stamps – A Celebration of Coronation Commemoratives

Commemorative souvenirs marking the coronation of British monarchs have long been popular with collectors, but with the diamond anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation this year a whole range of new memorabilia will be available for the avid souvenir hunter

Isle of Man Beekeepers’ Federation Celebrate Centenary

The Isle of Man Beekeepers’ Federation will be buzzing with excitement this month as members celebrate its centenary by hosting a free public lecture at the iMuseum, where you can learn more about the health benefits of one of nature’s

Isle of Man queenies have been awarded the European Union Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) stamp.

The type of scallop joins foods such as Gorgonzola and Champagne, which can only be labelled as such if they come from the designated region. The meat from Manx Loaghtan lamb was awarded the stamp in 2008. The legislation came

Manx boat in San Juan Islands?

In spite of many countries having budget troubles, the Isle of Man’s economy expanded3% in 2012 and is slated to improve even more so in 2013.  The Isle of Man is experiencinga strong, growing economy.  The Aircraft Registry is now

Funny! A Shelby up against a P50 (from Peel)