Month: July 2014

Manx Blues Guitarist Davy Knowles to Perform at Yn Chruinnaght

 Jamie Smith’s Mabon This year’s inter-Celtic Manx festival, Yn Chruinnaght, promises a bumper bundle of events during mid July, but to get you in the mood there’ll be a selection of Manx, Irish and Menorcan dance displays in the

From the Three Wiseman of Wyoming

The great fun of the 2014 Convention on the island is that we met American Manxies we never saw before! The Wiseman family live in Wyoming and Michael and his two sons Patrick and Nicholas had a blast visiting their

Jack got interviewed at Tynwald

Yindyssagh! We're back!

Madame President, Clare Christian, Laurence Skelly, MHK, Kelly McCarthy,  Convention Organizer.

Board meeting getting under way in the Manx Legislative Council!

John Prendergast, Treasurer and Jody Morey, President